Print Management Software & Finance Solutions


Device Management Software

Applications that facilitate proactive monitoring of devices within the print fleet (i.e. toner low alerts, maintenance required, page counts, etc.)


Print Management Software

Applications that facilitate the management of users by means of rules-based printing, such as default mono / double-sided printing. This will also facilitate a follow-me solution, where a user can authenticate at any device on any site.

Finance Solutions

Green Office can offer our customers different financing options on Hardware, Equipment and Software Solutions. Customers are able to replace equipment in their environments without touching their working capital or raising finance from other sources. Contracts can be arranged  for terms between twelve and sixty months to suit our customers needs. If you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer you please complete the contact form.

**Please note:  This is subject to Terms & Conditions and Application approval.  

Custom Software Solutions

What differentiates Green Office in this service, is our brand agnostic approach. We can deploy and support a software solution in a multi-vendor / branded environment.

Printing makes up a significant part of an organisation’s environmental footprint and one of the key ways a business can improve their sustainability is to prevent unnecessary wastage. To assist businesses in achieving this, Green Office has partnered with industry leading technology ensuring that a business’s print environment is more efficiently managed, cutting both the cost and wastage associated with unmanaged printing.


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Automatically monitor and manage copying and printing in your organisation, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact.  PaperCut MF intercepts print jobs on the print server and analyses them, applying rules to enforce your print policies.

Track and manage all activity on your multi-functional devices (print, copy, scan, fax).

Find-me printing where users can walk up and collect print jobs at any device.

Secure release to ensure that sensitive documents are not printed until the user is there to collect them.

Report usage and costs per page, by user, device and function.

Enforce responsible use with rules, limits and auto-notifications.


nddPrint MPS is a Device Monitoring Software facilitating pro-active monitoring of your fleet.  Complete solutions for managing and monitoring print operations, enhancing efficiency and automating processes of off-site operations.

Supply status monitoring using a printer’s own behavior to define when a supply will run out.

Smart data access such as coverage rate, equipment consumption, usage history, etc.

USB device monitoring ensuring collection of data over entire print fleet.

Reduce downtime & customer interaction through proactive replenishment of supplies.

nddPrint 360 is a complete control, optimization and discipline solution for corporate printing environments. Nowadays, there is a greater need to control expenses and produce value. With nddPrint 360 you can easily assign policies to the appropriate users and accounts through a simple process. nddPrint 360 allows you to cut waste in print operations with intelligent and functional adjustments by disciplining your users to only print content that is both required and consistent with the corporation using print and copy policies. Make your print environment safer with nddPrint 360.

Cloud based infrastructure eliminating extra spending on resources and servers.

Security and traceability through user policies and parameters to better user behaviors.

Visibility and integrity of printed document content at any time while managing size of print sites.

Reliability, transparency and flexibility of monitoring, accounting and collection of print data.